Trail to Prainha

Shangri La

07 November 2019

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Getting to Ribeira Beach, at the end of the Caminho das Praias, there is a trail on your right next to a stream that ends in the sea. Together with the flow of the river, the deep green and diversity of life that fills the Atlantic Forest, this trail that will take us to Prainha is a natural paradise. Surrender to the forest spirits, be thankful, preserve, respect and let’s go.

In the very beginning of the walkabout there’s a way out to a little waterfall which will be perfect to take a bath before going back to the street when we come back after spending a whole day waking and enjoying a wonderful and desert beach, even full of life. Our legs go along with the river until a natural well where we can rest for a while. It is the exact middle of the way.

pousada em itacaré bahia
pousada em itacaré bahia
pousada em itacaré bahia

Going across the wooden bridge above the waterfall that creates the well, the trail continues into the jungle again. The paths are simple, well open and marked, even though at the same time it is a walkabout for those who really like to be in the nature, for those who like adventure.

When going down the last hill we get to the rocky wall that discovers the endless ocean, the clear concept of the infinite, and Iemanjá dresses with her best clothes to welcome us and show us her eternal beauty. The view is breathtaking, it is the encounter of human beings with limits, and I can imagine the first people discovering the sea, getting to a border of the land in which they could not go further. And then boats, ships, the disposal, the aims, the courage that took our ancesters to erase those barriers. And there from the top of this all, one hill before Prainha, the mind starts to be related to the human history of evolution, sitting in a rock and absorbing the landscape and the beauty of its abundant vegetation, hills and beachs, and the fact of the endless waters remembering us of your condition: grains of sand in the desert, or even more, drops in the ocean.

After this natural belvedere to introduce us to Prainha, the last meters are surrounded by a grass beach with rocks and palm trees, like a real garden of a palace you will get in a moment. Go on, feel the breeze, breathe deeply, can you see that little wooden bridge above the mangrove? Got it, Prainha, be happy.

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